Our Clients' Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority.

“Manufactured was able to help us launch successfully in time with a partial shipment before Chinese New year and their proactive and responsiveness in planning around that deadline was important to the success of the launch.”

“We needed a partner who could manage the entire manufacturing operation for us on a turnkey basis and the Manufactured VIP service does just that.”

“Manufactured was able to successfully quote, sample and deliver 18,000 units of women’s long sleeve thumbhole tee for around 15% less than our closest competitive quote end to end in <90 days..”

“We were able to customize our designs, prints, logos and collateral while Manufactured handles the ordering, the finance, the production, the quality, the logistics and the fulfillment. They also helped us with insights to merchandise the order better!”

“We have access to hundreds of influencer and brand platforms that want to monetize their subscriber base with physical product. The Manufactured VIP service helps us do just that — All we need to send them is an inspiration and they line up the vendors, the pricing and the ability to test with small minimums.”