What Is End-to-End Manufacturing? (and How MFD Can Help)

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to get your brilliant idea into a streamlined process, especially when it involves actually manufacturing a new product. There are countless factors when it comes to the production process.

What are the materials in your product? How is the product made? Once it is made, what should you do with it? You don’t have to be alone in this process. Manufactured will help you to make the entire process—from concept to shipping and delivery— made simple with our end-to-end manufacturing solution.

In simple terms, end-to-end manufacturing is about taking a product from design to delivery. Companies which offer end-to-end manufacturing help the designer or business owner prototype and manufacture the product, ensure quality, source materials, and ship their product straight to customers’ doors.

Many businesses choose to manufacture their products using a segmented manufacturing process. This involves different vendors completing different areas of production. It is slower than using an end-to-end manufacturing process because it involves numerous moving pieces. It is also harder for the designer or product creator to be involved in the process, and thus, the product might not be as high-end as the designer would like.

Why Should I Use End-to-End Manufacturing?

There are many benefits that come from choosing end-to-end manufacturing.

It simplifies the process of production by ensuring these six benefits:

1. Faster Output and Delivery

End-to-End manufacturing cuts out the middle-man when it comes to shipping and fulfillment. Typically, when a product is in the manufacturing process, it is shipped to different vendors to complete different aspects of production. However, when the whole process is completed by one entity, there is no need for shipping delays, allowing for a faster process between development and delivery.

Using end-to-end manufacturing also saved time when it comes to purchasing and/or developing the equipment needed to make the product. Because an end-to-end manufacturer is involved with the product designers from the beginning, they already have the equipment needed for manufacturing.

An end-to-end manufacturer will help you produce a prototype, and in doing so, they will also be developing the hardware and software needed to complete the actual job. When the prototype is refined, and the item is ready for production, the machinery will already be in place, and the employees will be trained making for a fast production process.

Typically, when using a segmented process, after a product is designed, it might take a while to get it out to the masses. Manufacturers can be hard to find. However, with Manufactured and our end-to-end manufacturing solutions, we can help you go straight from design to prototype to product. There is no need to slow production while looking for a separate manufacturer. We will help you take care of the whole process without unnecessary delays.

2. Lower Shipping Costs

When the entire process is carried out by the same company, there is no need to ship the product to separate vendors for completion. Shipping can be expensive, so cutting that out of the equation automatically cuts cost. Manufactured will help you find quality vendors and shipment solutions for the best price for what you need.

3. Quality Communication

Because a company that provides end-to-end manufacturing services works directly with the product designer, there is an open line of communication. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined manufacturing process.

When working with an end-to-end manufacturer, the same people who help you to take your product from a concept to a prototype will be the same people helping you to manufacture your actual product. This helps to reduce errors because they will already understand the product and the quality you are aiming for.

Many of the errors that occur on a product line tend to be due to a lack of employee-training

However, when the employees have been in the process from the beginning, they already have a vested interest in the production of your goods. This will eliminate the possibility of errors due to uninformed or undertrained employees.

With Manufactured, there is a direct line of communication between both the designer/creator and those manufacturing, so any errors can be prevented before they happen. We ensure a personal relationship between you and those helping you to bring your product from an idea to actual completion. This also allows any changes to be made efficiently.

4. Predictable Manufacturing Process

When producing your goods, it is important for production deadlines to be predictable for both you and your stakeholders. When production is through a segmented process, this predictability can prove challenging, but with an end-to-end manufacturing process, the production line becomes much more manageable.

5. Production Transparency

With an end-to-end manufacturer, you, as the designer or business owner, are involved in the whole process from beginning to end. This allows you to see right inside the process, so you know what is happening every step of the way. This is important, not only for yourself but to ensure your consumers are happy.

Now, more than ever, it is important to consumers that they know what is happening “behind the scenes” with the products they buy. If you know what is happening, you can let your buyers know as well, ensuring your authenticity and trust-worthiness.

6. Flexibility

If you decide you want to update an item at some point during production or have a sudden influx of pre-orders, and you’d like to increase production, using a segmented production process might be complicated.

There are a lot of people to go through, and since you might not be directly working with the manufacturer, it could take a lot of time. At Manufactured, we will help you to maintain control of the process. You will be able to scale as you see fit and communicate what you want directly to the manufacturers.

No matter what step you are currently at in the process, Manufactured can help. We will help you turn your concept into a design and develop a prototype. From there, we will help with sourcing materials and finding a quality vendor for manufacturing.

After production, we will ensure quality fulfillment and delivery straight to your customer’s doorstep. Simplify your life, and streamline your business by using our end-to-end manufacturing solutions.

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