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Our USA wallet manufacturers helps you create a new brand.leather branda bright color branddifferent size walletsdifferent wallet designspackaging design

With over 500+ vendors across 25 countries, we'll make your wallet manufacturing process a breeze.
We handle everything from vendor quoting and negotiation to shipping and warehouse coordination.

Simplifying the manufacturing process

With over 500+ vendors across 25 countries, we'll make your manufacturing process a breeze.
We handle everything from vendor quoting and negotiation to shipping and warehouse coordination.


Over 500+ vendors across multiple countries and categories


Over 20 categories
Across 25 countries

  • Apparel & Textiles
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Beauty & Personal Care
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Tools & Hardware
  • Food & Beverages
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Health & Medical
  • Home & Garden
  • Office & School Supplies
  • Packaging & Printing
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • and more!
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SOURCED FROM: USA, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Turkey, Italy, El Salvador, Guatemala, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Canada, Egypt, Germany, and more.

Made in USA Wallets

Manufactured works with wallet manufacturers throughout the world that provide wallet made with different materials. Working with Manufactured will provide instant supply chain manufacturing progress all in one dashboard. As a customer you will be able to directly speak with private label wallet manufacturers to discuss logo designs, material types, colors, shipping logistics and more. With Manufactured you will never have to worry about the manufacturing process while having the highest quality of wallets and service.
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How Do I Find Made in USA Wallets

Manufactured assists with your wallets product design, sourcing, prototypes, production, and quality control and shipping. We curate the best manufacturing solution using our expert sourcing network to meet the right product cost for your brand needs. We handle the entire sourcing processes, beginning to end.

Can you customize a leather wallet?

With Manufactured you will easily speak with wallet manufacturers throughout the world. There are many options for your custom leather wallet. You can even personalize your custom leather wallet with engraved brand on the outside, or with your name. Choose the type of leather and what size your wallet needs to be!

Can you customize a wallet?

With Manufactured you can customize your wallet with our list of manufacturers. Custom leather wallets are here and ready to hold your stuff, and they also make the perfect product to sell to customers on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and everything else. And if you want to make your wallet a little more personal there are even more additions you can add!

What is the best leather for a custom wallet?

Manufactured believes genuine leather is most ideal for a new brand. The best leather for wallets should be genuine leather. Genuine leather can be either split or bonded material. Split leather is the lower level of the cow hide that was sheared off the top grain. Bonded is leather made of scraps of leather bonded together to make a whole piece.

Can you get a wallet engraved?

With Manufactured wallet manufactures have multiple options. You can choose to engrave your wallet with names or initials on the front and your engraved message on the inside. Choose your font, type your message and watch your engraving appear on the picture of the wallet to give you an idea of what the finished article will look like.

How much leather is needed for a wallet?

You will need about two square feet of  material for a leather wallet. We recommend vegetable-tanned leather that is of 2oz thickness. Yes, leather thickness is measured in ounces – it is possible to use 1oz of leather if you want your wallet to be extra thin, and 3oz if you don’t mind the extra bulk.

How do you engrave leather wallet?

Wipe down the area of the leather you plan to engrave with a damp sponge.
Clamp down your leather to a flat, sturdy surface using the C-clamps.
Some types of engraving stamps affix to the cylinder tool, while others can be used separately.

How long will a leather wallet last?

Where do small businesses get their wallets made?

United States have a lot of quality wallet manufactures. The most common cheaper overseas wallet manufacturers include China, India, Taiwan, and a host of other Asian countries. For many years, clothing manufacturers from China have been the most popular, with companies that produce all types of clothing for dropshipping and resale easily found online. Wallets can also be made

What's the difference between a billfold and a wallet?

There isn’t much difference between a wallet and a billfold: typically, a billfold is thinner and has fewer slots for holding cards. Billfolds are most often made of leather and fit neatly in a pocket. The word dates from the late 1800s, from bill, or “paper money,” and fold, which is thought to be short for folder.

Why are private labels wallets cheaper?

Private Label Wallet products are cheaper because it helps manufactures have lower operating costs. Products chosen should regularly retail at five or six times the manufacturing price. This will leave the manufacturer room to provide the price discounts required of private-label goods. Therefore, most items chosen are cheaper to manufacture and produce in high volume.

What is the difference between contract manufacturing and private label?

In Contract Manufacturing, you get into an agreement with a manufacturer to make a product or its parts for you. But in Private Labeling, you take an unbranded product, get it customized from your manufacturer, and sell it as your brand.

Who produces private label products?

Private label products are manufactured by a third party, which is responsible for developing the product as per the retailer’s guidelines.

Are private labels worth it?

Private label products cut down marketing and operational costs. So you can get high returns and build a loyal customer base.

Why do companies use private labels?

For a retailer, selling a new product is challenging and a slow process. But with private labeling, you don’t create products from scratch. You contact manufacturers, choose and customize products, and sell them as yours. From pricing to production to the brand name, you can customize your products as you like.

Can You Private Label Anything?

From fashion, clothes, beverages, cosmetics, household paper & plastics, dairy items, frozen foods to more, you can find private label manufacturers for any physical product.

Is private label profitable?

Private label products help you build your brand’s voice. The cost of manufacturing private label products is cheaper than creating a whole new brand.

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