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Get paid instantly
while expanding your cash flow

MFD gives you cash in your bank account, while increasing production demand. Manufactured takes on all the customer payments and inventory risk, so you can focus on manufacturing.
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We help increase working capital with upfront production payments

Expand your manufacturing business with your customers

Worrying about customer payments is now a thing of the past. MFD will pay for production upfront, while taking on the inventory risk so you can focus expanding your manufacturing capabilities.
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Get paid for goods up front, as
Multiple Customers become ONE.

Waiting 30-180 days to get paid? Forget dealing with terms and multiple customers. Instead get paid up front with one customer
Get Paid Before Your Goods Ship

Manufactured takes on all the inventory risk
and sets up optimal supply chain management

One Credible Customer

All customers will become one large customer
with upfront payments to increase supply chain.

Increase production demand from brands looking to change vendors and add product extensions

MFD customers are always looking to expand their product portfolio, so add yourself to the vendor list as a trusted vendor
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Build Better Customer Relationships
With Your Clients As They Expand Business

Manufactured provides vendors capital for their customers. Providing opportunities for a business to expand manufacturing without taking on large inventory risk.
Paid Up Front From One Customer

Manufactured takes on all the inventory risk
and pays the vendor on behalf of all customers

Expand Current Customers

Be eligible to quote for existing MFD customer product expansions

Grow and scale your business with MFD's manufacturing and inventory financing platform

We manufacture, finance, and distribute inventory for B2B & DTC customers in 20 industries across 25 countries.
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What We Offer

  • Manufacturing: Improve production efficiency with upfront payments¬†
  • Finance: Manufactured unlocks liquidity in physical goods
  • Distribution: Optimized omnichannel global
    distribution and fulfillment


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Industries We Serve

  • Apparel & Textiles
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Electronics, Tools & Hardware
  • Food & Beverage
  • Home & Garden
  • Packaging, Printing & More


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How It Works

  • Sign up for free to become a vendor
  • Add your company details into the app
  • We handle customer communications, shipping, logistics, delivery & assume the inventory risk
  • Finance up to 100% of COGs
  • Receive opportunities to quote existing MFD customers
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