Surviving and Thriving in the Dog Days of Summer: How Smart Brands Heat Up Summer Success


  • Summer brings unique conditions to supply chains and retail, with a 25% increase in Q2 freight volumes for food and beverage shippers.
  • Key challenges include seasonal demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, weather impacts, and increased competition.
  • Opportunities exist in e-commerce growth, rising demand for sustainable and outdoor products, and leveraging AI in supply chain management.
  • Successful brands like Porter Road, Bunker Up Fishin, and Heali Medical Tape have adapted their strategies to capitalize on summer trends.
  • Tactics for success include optimizing inventory management, implementing flexible shipping strategies, embracing omnichannel retailing, and partnering with supply chain experts.

As the mercury rises and the dog days of summer set in, many businesses brace for a seasonal shift in consumer behavior, supply chain dynamics, and operational challenges. However, some innovative companies are not just surviving the heat – they’re thriving in it. 

The Origin of the “Dog Days” of Summer

The phrase “dog days of summer” has an interesting astronomical origin. It refers to the period between July 3 and August 11 when Sirius, also known as the Dog Star, rises and sets with the sun. Ancient Romans believed that Sirius added its heat to the sun’s, making this the hottest and most unbearable time of the year.

While the astronomical connection may be lost on most modern observers, the term has stuck as a description for the sultry days of mid-summer. For businesses, these dog days can present both challenges and opportunities.

Summer Supply Chain and Retail Landscape

The summer months bring unique challenges to supply chains and retail operations. According to a report from Coyote Logistics, freight volumes from top food and beverage shippers typically increase by about 25% in Q2 compared to Q1. This surge in demand, coupled with regional variations in shipping patterns, can lead to capacity disruptions and spot rate instability.

Moreover, as shoppers spend more time enjoying fun in the sun, travel, sports and other outdoor activities, retail sales can go through periods of the dreaded “summer slump.” Though brick-and-mortar stores may experience a fall in foot traffic, consumers often make up for this with increased online shopping activities. 

The Allied Market Research report projects that the global activewear market will reach $771.18 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 6.2%. This growth is partly driven by increased participation in outdoor activities during summer months, presenting opportunities for brands in the outdoor recreation and sports sectors.

Opportunities and Challenges

  1. Seasonal Demand Fluctuations

    • Challenge: Businesses must adapt to shifting consumer preferences and purchasing patterns during summer. 
    • Opportunity: Brands can align their offerings with summer trends and activities to capture seasonal demand.
  2. Supply Chain Disruptions:

    • Challenge: Seasonal spikes in demand can strain supply chains and lead to inventory management issues. 
    • Opportunity: Implementing robust inventory management systems and partnering with flexible suppliers can help businesses navigate these fluctuations.
  3. Weather-Related impact:

    • Challenge: Summer heat can affect both in-store foot traffic and online shopping behavior. 
    • Opportunity: Brands can optimize their omnichannel strategies to meet customers where they are, whether that’s online or in climate-controlled stores.
  4. Increased Competition: 

    • Challenge: With many businesses vying for consumer attention during peak vacation season, standing out becomes crucial. 
    • Opportunity: Innovative marketing strategies and unique product offerings can help brands cut through the noise.

Tactics for Maximizing Summer Sales

  1. Optimize Inventory Management:

    Use data analytics to predict seasonal demand fluctuations and adjust inventory accordingly. This can help prevent stockouts during peak periods and avoid excess inventory during slower times.

  2. Implement Flexible Shipping Strategies:

    As noted by Coyote Logistics, summer shipping patterns vary by region. Businesses should consider diversifying their shipping partners and routes to ensure consistent delivery times and manage costs.

  3. Embrace Omnichannel Retailing:

    With summer weather affecting shopping patterns, ensure your products are available through multiple channels – in-store, online, and via mobile platforms.

  4. Leverage Seasonal Marketing:

    Tie your marketing efforts to summer events, holidays, and activities. This could include targeted campaigns for July 4th, Labor Day, or summer sports events.

  5. Focus on Customer Experience:

    Whether it’s creating a cool, inviting in-store atmosphere or offering seamless online shopping experiences, prioritize customer comfort and convenience during the hot summer months.

  6. Partner with Supply Chain Experts:

    Companies like Manufactured (MFD) can provide crucial support in sourcing, production, financing, and inventory management, helping businesses scale efficiently during peak seasons.

Case Studies:

Brands Heating Up Success

Porter Road:
Sizzling Success in Sustainable Meats

Porter Road, an ethical pasture-raised butcher, has found a way to thrive during the dog days of summer by aligning perfectly with seasonal grilling trends.

As July marks National Hot Dog Month, Porter Road’s All Beef Hot Dog, made from dry-aged beef and smoked over cherry wood, exemplifies how a brand can elevate a summer staple.


  •  Focus on quality and sustainability to meet growing consumer demand for ethically sourced products.
  • Leverage seasonal events (like National Hot Dog Month) to boost marketing efforts.
  • Partnered with Manufactured (MFD) to optimize supply chain and inventory management, ensuring product availability.

Porter Road continues its expansion, steadily growing from a regional favorite to a national direct-to-consumer business model, offering additional products and greater access to its premium products to meet the demands of peak grilling season.

Bunker Up Fishin‘:
Cooking Up Success on the Water

As more people seek refuge from the summer heat on lakes and coastal areas, Bunker Up Fishin‘ has capitalized on this trend with its innovative boat grills.


  • Identified a niche market (boat owners who want to grill on water) and developed a specialized product.
  • Designed products to withstand marine environments while delivering high performance.
  • Focused on creating a seamless outdoor culinary experience, enhancing summer activities for their customers.

Bunker Up Fishin‘ has successfully positioned itself as a go-to brand for boating enthusiasts looking to elevate their on-water experience during the summer months.

Heali Medical Tape:
Turning Summer Injuries into Opportunities

Heali Medical Tape is perfectly positioned to address the increase in summer sports injuries with its innovative magnesium-infused kinesiology tape.


  • Developed a product that combines fashion and function, appealing to active consumers.
  • Infused their tape with menthol and magnesium to provide pain relief and speed recovery.
  • With its bold designs, Heali Tape can capitalize on the summer sports season as an attractive and essential item for outdoor enthusiasts.

Heali Medical has successfully entered the competitive sports medicine market, differentiating itself with a unique product that addresses summer-related needs.

The Importance of Cash Flow Management

The summer season presents both opportunities and challenges for seasonal consumer brands. According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This represents a significant market opportunity for food brands and grill manufacturers.

However, businesses must also navigate challenges such as increased competition during peak season, potential supply chain disruptions due to higher demand, and the need to manage inventory effectively to avoid overstocking or stockouts.

Given the seasonal nature of many summer-focused businesses, effective cash flow management is crucial. The surge in demand during the summer months can strain resources, while slower periods can put pressure on finances. This is where partnering with a company like Manufactured (MFD) can make a significant difference.

Manufactured specializes in helping rising brands with sourcing, production, financing, and inventory management. Our team at MFD  can help businesses navigate the complexities of seasonal demand, ensuring they can meet peak season needs without overextending themselves financially

The dog days of summer present unique challenges for businesses, from supply chain disruptions to shifting consumer behaviors. However, as demonstrated by Porter Road, Bunker Up Fishin’, and Heali Medical, these challenges also offer opportunities for innovation and growth.

By understanding seasonal trends, optimizing operations, and focusing on meeting summer-specific consumer needs, businesses can not only survive but thrive during the hottest months of the year. With the right strategies and partnerships, the dog days of summer can become a brand’s hottest season for success.


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