Stacks of Cash vs. Stacks of Stock: A re:COGs Roundup of Inventory Insights | re:COGs Podcast Episode #33

2023 re:COGS in re:View

Since its launch earlier this year, we’re proud to discover that the re:COGs podcast has grown to become a top COGs-focused series. Through storytelling and enlightening interviews with incredible guests, our listeners have gained valuable insights from owners and operational leaders on how to scale production and overcome challenges on their path to success. As we wrap up an eventful year, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on some amazing insights from past guests about inventory management. 

Stacks of Bills or Stacks of Stock?

For our latest episode, we hit the rewind button revisiting the thoughtful responses to our signature closing question from past episodes.  ​​Would you rather have $100 in inventory or $100 in cash? This question isn’t just a fun way to wrap up our conversations—it’s a window into the strategic thinking about an asset that is often misunderstood yet holds significant implications for successful businesses.  

Inventory Insights That Count

In this special episode, you’ll hear from a diverse group of entrepreneurs, like Caroline Cotto, CEO and co-founder of Renewal Mill—a company that turns food byproducts into superfood ingredients. At a time when her company faces the enviable challenge of more purchase orders than they can fill, Caroline’s preference leans towards inventory, highlighting the immediate need to meet customer demand.

But that’s just one perspective. As you listen to the compilation, you’ll discover that the inventory versus cash debate is far from black and white. Each leader’s choice is informed by their unique circumstances, goals, and growth strategies. Whether it’s cash for marketing or inventory to fulfill orders, the decision reflects a deeper story of business priorities and operational excellence.

Tune In and Weigh In

So, as you cozy up during this holiday season, we invite you to join us for a fascinating look back at the year’s insights. Tune in to this special compilation episode of re:COGs and ponder the question yourself: Would you choose $100 of inventory or $100 cash for your business?

Listen in to hear perspectives from these industry leaders as they weigh in on which stacks they value more.  

Here’s to making strategic choices that propel your business forward in 2024! If you’re grappling with cash flow management, avoiding inventory stockouts, or scaling your e-commerce operations, Manufactured is here to help. Learn more at and discover how we can support your brand’s journey into the new year.

Listen In:

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