Social Commerce Strategies: Lisa Guerrera of Experiment Beauty | re:COGs Podcast Episode #25

The Power of TikTok: How Established Brands Launch and Scale on TikTop Shop

In this Merchant Interview from Pipe17’s Webinar Event, re:COGs host, Mike Gelb is joined by Lisa Guerrera of Experiment Beauty to Discuss Her Journey from Myth-Busting Chemist to Viral CEO

In a recent Pipe17 TikTok Shop Webinar, Mike Gelb had the opportunity to interview Lisa Guerrera, co-founder and CEO of Experiment Beauty. Lisa’s fascinating journey began as a chemistry professional debunking beauty myths on TikTok. Through her engaging and informative content, she discovered a unique market opportunity, which eventually led to the birth of Experiment – a science-backed skincare brand targeting the Gen Z demographic.

Embracing the Authenticity and Creativity of TikTok

According to Guerrera, the peer-to-peer nature of TikTok fosters a sense of genuine authenticity that surpasses other social media platforms like Instagram. As a result, user-generated reviews on TikTok appear more trustworthy, leading to higher brand conversion rates. Moreover, TikTok’s short-form video format allows companies to showcase their creative side often repressed on other platforms. Emphasizing brand identity also proves to be an effective strategy on TikTok, as it can help mitigate negative feedback.

Mastering Viral Product Launches with Strategic Influencer Partnerships

Guerrera shared that her expansion secrets lie in thoroughly researching the TikTok creator landscape and identifying those who resonate with Experiment’s target audience. By nurturing personalized relationships and treating influencers like valued partners, she ensures their loyalty and a consistent supply of products. For product launches, Lisa compiles lists of over 200 creators whom she engages through gifting campaigns.

Capitalizing on Virality Through Waitlists and Pre-orders

As viral moments surge sales numbers for Experiment, Guerrera turns to waitlists and pre-order options to capture demand effectively. She believes that even short-term product sell-outs can benefit the brand by generating excitement and urgency leading up to restocks.

Addressing Product Flaws and Ensuring Efficacious Offerings

To limit negative feedback, Guerrera recommends addressing any perceived product flaws upfront by providing comprehensive education and stressing the importance of differentiated, efficacious products with proven results. This strategy helps insulate brands from potential criticisms.

Throughout the conversation with Mike Gelb, Lisa Guerrera provided valuable insights on balancing authenticity and science to maximize TikTok’s unparalleled power for brand promotion. They discussed numerous topics, including the differences between TikTok and Instagram, how embracing brand identity strengthens resilience against negative reviews, targeting the right influencers, and effectively handling product demand during viral spikes.

Experiment Beauty gained a cult following after launching its first product, Avant Guard, in late 2020. Thanks to Guerrera’s scientific yet engaging approach and her grassroots TikTok presence, Avant Guard sold out quickly. In 2021, Guerrera and her team have been focusing on refining the mask formula while securing $1 million in funding to relaunch Experiment with a polished yet authentic brand image.

Tune in for an enlightening glimpse into the mind of a trailblazing entrepreneur.

Listen In:

  • Lisa’s background in chemistry led her to debunk beauty myths on TikTok
  • She gained a large following on TikTok by myth-busting and sharing expertise
  • Lisa leveraged her influencer status to build community and hype pre-launch for Experiment
  • She discusses the authentic and peer-to-peer nature of TikTok vs Instagram
  • TikTok fosters more trusted user-generated content and higher conversion rates
  • Short-form creative video is welcomed on TikTok over other platforms
  • Embracing your brand identity helps immunize against negative reviews
  • Lisa researches TikTok creators extensively to find ideal brand matches
  • She focuses on personalized relationships and gifting creators consistently
  • For launches, Lisa gifts 200+ targeted creators to drive buzz and virality
  • Waitlists and preorders help Lisa capture demand from viral spikes
  • Brief sellouts build hype, urgency and demand for restocks
  • Lisa advocates leaning into potential product flaws openly
  • Differentiated, proven products help inoculate brands from criticism
  • Authenticity + science aids brands in leveraging TikTok’s unique power

About Experiment Beauty:
Experiment Beauty is a Gen Z-led skincare brand redefining conscious beauty. With a team of cosmetic chemists and founders obsessed with ingredient science and education, Experiment makes clinically-backed products that are as sustainable as they are fun. With formulas focused on clean ingredients and maximum results, Experiment is becoming the go-to brand for young skintellectuals who care about their skin and the planet. Armed with knowledge and great skin – Experiment makes beauty smarter.

About Pipe17:
Pipe17 is a cloud-based platform that provides fully automated omnichannel order operations for ecommerce businesses. It offers a fast, easy, and cost-efficient way to make omnichannel order flows touchless and scalable. Discover how Pipe17 helped multiple omnichannel brand merchants launch on TikTop Shop and realize substantial revenue within weeks!

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