Revolutionizing Oral Care: Baz Dental’s Innovative Gumline Cleaner | re:COGs Podcast Episode #23

Innovative Gumline Cleaner Aims to Disrupt Oral Care 

Join re:COGs Host Mike Gelb for a Stimulating Chat with Jonathan Elbaz, Founder of Baz Dental

Get ready to sink your teeth into an insightful discussion about innovating in the oral care space. Jonathan Elbaz, founder of Baz Dental, joins re:COGs host Mike Gelb to detail his journey creating a first-of-its-kind gumline cleaning tool. From product development to pivoting distribution strategies, their chat traces the road to retail for this ambitious startup shaking up routine dental hygiene.  

Who is Baz Dental?

Baz Dental produces the bäz gumline cleaner, an oral care tool engineered by celebrity periodontists in Beverly Hills. The product combines plaque removal with gum massage, providing a 2-in-1 solution for optimal gum health. Baz Dental aims to change the way we think about everyday oral hygiene with a device strategically designed for next-level oral care. 

Oral Care, Upgraded:  Cleaning Between the Teeth   

The bäz gumline cleaner targets areas neglected by toothbrushes. Its soft, tapered tip traces along the gumline to remove bacteria and stimulate gums. This boosts circulation delivering oxygen and nutrients to gum tissue. Clinical results reveal the tool decreases gum bleeding and recession when used routinely. The angled bristles also scrub plaque from teeth, combining plaque control with gum massage in one convenient tool. This fusion eliminates the need for separate gum stimulators, simplifying gum care.

From Prototyping to Production

Mike and Jonathan outline bäz’s journey from concept to creation. Listeners gain insight into designing with manufacturability in mind, searching for the right producer, and securing affordable minimum order quantities. Jonathan also explains FDA compliance, material durability, recyclability, and availability when selecting components. We learn how Jonathan leveraged trade shows to research and interview potential manufacturers face-to-face.  

Pivoting from Dental Offices to Direct-to-Consumer (DTC)

Shifting focus to distribution, Mike and Jonathan detail bäz’s initial struggles selling through dental offices. Though logically sound, in practice, the channel faced unforeseen obstacles. Learn how bäz pivoted to DTC, pouring efforts into digital content, influencer partnerships, and subscriber outreach. The discussion also outlines bäz’s recent expansion into retail through Erewhon Market. Jonathan shares tips for training teams and generating in-store excitement.

Listen In:

This minty fresh episode packs topics including:

  • Creating an innovative 2-in-1 gumline cleaning tool 
  • Design considerations for manufacturability 
  • Using trade shows to connect with manufacturers
  • The importance of FDA compliant, durable, and eco-friendly materials
  • Pivoting from dental offices to DTC e-commerce
  • Generating excitement and training in-store teams 
  • Tips for getting onto shelves and selling through retail
  • Financing inventory production and managing cash flow
  • Optimizing subscriptions, influencers, and content to drive sales
  • Maintaining agility as distribution channels expand


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