re:COGs Webinar #6 re:CAST – Sip to Success: Unleashing Your Beverage Brand’s Potential

Cheers to Growth: Key Takeaways for Unleashing Your Beverage Brand’s Potential

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our recent webcast, “Sip to Success: Unleashing Your Beverage Brand’s Potential.” The enthusiasm from attendees and panelists alike made for a lively, insightful discussion.

Moderated by Mike Gelb of Manufactured, the webinar brought together an all-star lineup of experts:

ReCOGs host, Mike Gelb hosted this informative discussion, from concept to cup, featuring operators who generously share their insights on mastering manufacturing and branding for beverages!

• Emily Heintz from Sèchey
• Sallie Jian from Diageo
• Trey Lockerbie from Better Booch
• Elliott Cohen from Ritual Zero Proof

The conversation explored critical topics like financing strategies, expanding distribution, optimizing retail velocities, and scaling production. Whether you’re just entering the beverage arena or gearing up for your next stage of growth, our panelists shared hard-won advice for taking your operations and brand to the next level.

Key takeaways included:

  • Creative financing strategies beyond debt and equity, like inventory financing
  • The power of focused, hyperlocal strategies before expanding distribution
  • Subscription models and promotions to drive margins on e-comm and DTC
  • Educating retailers and consumers to drive velocity and trail for emerging categories
  • Streamlining operations and eliminating waste to improve profitability
  • Guiding principles and mile markers to determine ideal growth pace and path

The beverage space continues to heat up with boundless potential, but it doesn’t come without real operational challenges. This discussion shone a spotlight on practical solutions and models.

We were so glad to host this impressive group of beverage founders and experts. Thanks to all who joined us live and over the replay. As your brand grows, we hope you’ll turn to Manufactured for advice and partnerships tailored to your operational needs.

Cheers to your future success!

Listen In:

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