re:COGs Webinar #5 re:CAST – How to Grow Your Apparel Brand from a One Hit Wonder to a Household Name

Fashionista Forum:  Key Insights from Our Apparel Webinar

Thank you to everyone who tuned in for our recent webcast “How to Grow Your Apparel Brand from a One-Hit Wonder to a Household Name.” The enthusiasm and engagement were fantastic, so we’re recapping some of the key insights in this blog.

Our esteemed panel dove into the opportunities and challenges facing emerging apparel brands looking to expand their product lines and grow their businesses in today’s competitive retail environment.

Moderated by Mike Gelb of Manufactured, the webinar featured:

In this recap, you’ll discover insights on:

  • Strategies for moving beyond a single hero product and owning a category
  • Using data and customer insights to guide product expansion
  • Expanding into new categories while maintaining brand identity
  • Inventory planning considerations when launching new SKUs
  • Combating duplicates and protecting intellectual property
    ….And more!

Whether you’re looking to grow your apparel business, move into new product lines, or simply stay relevant in a crowded market, this discussion provided actionable takeaways. Read on for highlights.

We were thrilled to bring together such dynamic food industry leaders.  Thanks again for your interest!

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Listen In:

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