re:COGs Webinar #3 re:CAST – How to Invest and Scale Beauty & Personal Care Brands

Webinar re:CAST: How to Invest and Scale Beauty & Personal Care Brands

We had an incredible turnout for our recent webinar on investing and scaling beauty and personal care brands. Thank you to everyone who attended live! We received so much positive feedback we wanted to make it available for re:CAST!

Whether you’re launching a new beauty brand, seeking funding, or looking to grow your portfolio, this webinar offers tactical advice, inspiration, and invaluable information for entrepreneurs and investors looking to capitalize on beautiful opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

The beauty and personal care industry is buzzing with excitement, attracting visionaries and investors drawn to its high profit margins, consumers’ openness to new products, and lucrative exit prospects. But scaling has its challenges.  ​​While the barriers to entry may have shrunk with the explosion of exciting DTC opportunities, sustainable growth, and consumer retention has become more challenging and costly than ever before.  

If you missed this informative live discussion, you can still listen to all the inspiring insights from this esteemed panel of experts:  CULT Capital, PROVEN Skincare, EXPERIMENT, and K2 Group who discussed:

  • How to shatter growth barriers and overcome scaling challenges 
  • How investors evaluate beauty and personal care opportunities
  • How the finest minds in beauty and personal care have adapted their business to succeed in the current marketplace 

Our very own Mike Gelb  was joined by:

Sarah Woelfel, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of CULT Capital

Ming S. Zhao, Co-Founder & CEO of PROVEN Skincare

Lisa Guerrera, Co-Founder & CEO of Experiment

Keith Kohler, President of K2 Group, LLC

Whether you missed the event or attended and want to hear it again at your own pace, we genuinely appreciate your interest in joining us for this intriguing conversation, and look forward to bringing you more dynamic discussion in the future!

Listen In:

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