re:COGs Podcast Episode #22: Kendra Kawala and Zoe Victor of Maker Wine

Maker Wine Uncorks Industry Secrets

Join re:COGs Host Mike Gelb for an Intoxicating Chat with Kendra Kawala and Zoe Victor, Founders of Maker Wine

Pour yourself a glass and get ready for an enlightening discussion decanting the wine industry with a pair of true movers and makers. Kendra Kawala and Zoe Victor, co-founders of Maker Wine, join re:COGs host Mike Gelb for an intoxicating conversation detailing the world of premium canned wine. From partnering with independent winemakers to scaling D2C, the conversation traces the journey of this disruptive duo determined to swish, swirl, and shake up the status quo.

Who is Maker Wine?

Maker Wine is on a mission to offer collectors wine for everyday drinking. They highlight phenomenal small-lot wines from independent producers, only working with the best to source each vintage. The wines spotlight premium flavor profiles and minimal intervention techniques. Beyond quality, Maker Wine stands for accessibility, approachability, and authentic storytelling. They want to make premium wine without pretension, allowing everyone to partake in the passion.

Yes, They Can! 

By slipping top-notch wines into stunningly svelte cans, Maker Wine has tapped into an underserved market craving quality and convenience. The canned format provides ultimate portability and freshness while eliminating waste. Maker Wine currently offers the largest canned wine portfolio globally, from reds, whites, and rosés to unique carbonic reds and orange wines. With gold-medal accolades validating taste and tech, Maker Wine delivers quintessential wine-drinking experiences cloaked in classy cannery.

Inside the Wine Industry’s Planning and Supply Chain

From vines to vintages, Mike and these merry Makers traverse the twists and turns of the wine business. Listeners gain insight into forecasting demand, the nuances of canning fine wine, and the mechanics behind Maker’s innovative mobile canning lines. Kendra and Zoe also spill details on Maker Wine’s growth, tracing their path from a tiny basement startup to becoming a leading wine 3PL and how they revolutionized D2C in wine by shipping their signature selections directly to people’s doors.

The Significance of Packaging and Perception

Shifting focus to the importance of presentation, our guests underline how visual identity impacts retail and consumer perceptions about canned wine. The team emphasizes Maker Wine’s pursuit of quality and transparency, including signature editions proudly displaying the winemaker’s name front and center. They also pop the topic of Maker Wine’s hard-won industry recognition and acceptance, thanks to prestigious gold medal wins at top wine competitions.

So settle in, take a sip, and savor the full experience as Kendra and Zoe spill behind-the-scenes stories and offer a taste of a truly unique operation.

Listen In:

How They Partner with Independent Wineries to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Canned Wine Business with Kendra Kawala and Zoe Victor from Maker Wine

This flavorful, full-bodied episode pours a tall glass of topics including:

  • Partnering with independent vineyards and winemakers
  • Selecting flavor profiles and quality standards
  • Scaling through the DTC channel
  • Strategic approach to production capacity
  • Forecasting demand and supply chain management
  • Mobile canning process and capabilities
  • Growth from basement startup to leading wine 3PL
  • Importance of packaging and brand perception
  • Earning industry recognition through awards
  • Curating the wine variety portfolio
  • Testing new products with consumer panels
  • Focusing on DTC before expanding distribution
  • Evaluating and selecting retail channels

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