Women’s Apparel Company

MFD’s Financing Enabled this Brand to Stabilize its Finances and Expand its Distribution Channels.

We know that experienced people in the industry only want to work with partners who truly know how to navigate the unique challenges of the clothing industry… and that’s why they choose MFD.    We understand the complexities of soft-line products and the sophistication required to manufacture and distribute them.

With our flexible customized financing options, we empower our partners to overcome cash flow barriers and fund their scaling efforts. We become deeply aligned with our partners’ path to rapid growth by enabling them to redirect resources towards high-ROI initiatives in design and marketing.

Our motivation stems from a core belief: In the right hands, SMBs can transform into large disruptors. By lending financial resources along with the expertise to help our brand partners avoid pitfalls, they can transform their vision into success, and unlock growth that may otherwise seem unattainable.

If operational obstacles or access to capital stand in the way of your ambitions, contact us—we’re ready to clear the path