Manufactured Partners

Manufactured partners with agencies and technology partners across the supply chain ecosystem. We provide strategic guidance and clarity to our customers and work closely with them from the planning stage through tactical execution, and success analysis.


8fig helps online companies scale smarter and faster with continuous capital for their online eCommerce store.


FlowFi is a first-class finance team and platform that delivers accurate books and actionable financial intelligence.

Charm tracks and ranks millions of direct-to-consumer brands to identify the brands that are accelerating at a rapid pace.


Your partner for Shopify e-commerce websites. Barrel partners with brands to design, build, and optimize ecommerce web experiences.


ShipHero has a solution aleviates the headache of running your own warehouse or run your own warehouse better and more efficiently.


Canal combines quality curation and strategic ecommerce tools to empower brands to sell third-party products — at every customer touchpoint.