Partner Profile: Body Wrappers Dances to a New Beat with Manufactured

Doing the Turn-Around Tango

Transforming a Legacy Dance Wear Brand For The Modern Marketplace
Covered in this article:
  • Partnering with MFD enabled Body Wrappers to build a robust DTC business model, which became a particularly crucial pivot during the pandemic. 
  • This shift allowed Body Wrappers to streamline operations, reach consumers more effectively, and adapt to changing market conditions.
  • The partnership helped Body Wrappers produce and deliver products in a timelier manner, which had a positive impact on the company’s overall performance.
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From Quickstep to Quick Scale:

How Manufactured Helped an Established Brand Expand Its Dancewear Dominance

Body Wrappers has been a staple in the dance community for over 40 years. As one of the leading dancewear brands for children and teens, they sell leotards, tights, shoes, and more to studios, retailers, and schools across North America. But as consumer preferences shifted, Body Wrappers saw an opportunity to expand their direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence so they teamed up with Manufactured to support their digital expansion endeavor.

“...when a company can truly help another company grow and act as a genuine partner, not just providing funding, it makes a significant difference.``

- Gregg Davis, Body Wrappers

The Challenge:

Scaling Up Direct-to-Consumer Operations

With decades of experience manufacturing and distributing wholesale dancewear, Body Wrappers had an established supply chain and network of vendor relationships. However, as many companies discovered, the pandemic expedited the need to invest in scaling up Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) operations.  To accelerate this effort, Body Wrappers sought a partner that could provide financing, sourcing, manufacturing, and inventory management support. After researching solutions online, they discovered Manufactured.

The Solution:

Partner Promenade

Rather than just providing financing, Manufactured aimed to be a true partner in helping Body Wrappers achieve their growth goals. 

By working with Manufactured, Body Wrappers was able to:

  • Build a robust DTC model 
  • Optimize inventory management 
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Adapt to consumer trends in an evolving marketplace 
  • Maintain full control over their company and future revenues.


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“Whether it's in manufacturing, design, PO funding, or factoring, they provide whatever a company needs to facilitate growth. I believe that's where Manufactured really excels, and it has certainly been beneficial for us.”

- Gregg Davis, Body Wrappers

The Results:

Expanded Presence, Ongoing Growth

Body Wrappers’ decades of dancewear expertise, combined with Manufactured’s flexible financing and tailored solutions, helped Body Wrappers optimize inventory, streamline operations, expand into new sales channels, and reach new customers.  Partnering with Manufactured, the Body Wrappers team was able to efficiently manage capital resources so they could focus on revitalizing their brand so that it could dance to a new beat.

Body Wrappers’ partnership with Manufactured demonstrates the power of non-dilutive inventory financing in helping established brands scale up their DTC channels. By leveraging Manufactured’s expertise and resources, Body Wrappers was able to grow its business while maintaining full ownership and control. Their focus on customer relationships, quality content, and staying current with industry trends further contributed to their success in the dancewear market.

“There is an abundance of funding available, but what we have found is that MFD is evolving into a true partner.”

- Gregg Davis, Body Wrappers

The Beat Goes On...

As Body Wrappers continues expanding, Manufactured remains a key partner in their growth strategy. Manufactured provides the financing, supply chain infrastructure, and expertise needed to help Body Wrappers adapt to the fast-changing retail landscape.

For decades, Body Wrappers has brought quality dancewear to studios across North America. With Manufactured’s support, they continue to expand their retail footprint and online presence. This expanded presence opens up new markets while allowing Body Wrappers to remain focused on their passion – outfitting young dancers for success.

“(other funders) do not deeply engage with the business like MFD, who acts as a true partner and provides support in various areas such as manufacturing, design, and funding”

– Gregg Davis, Body Wrappers

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