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We proudly work with technology partners and vetted service providers that offer the software, tools, and expertise to simplify, streamline, and optimize your operation.
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Technology Partners

flowfi logo

Intelligent Accounting

FlowFi is a platform that connects small and medium businesses with finance experts and provides real-time metrics through an integrated app. The platform’s combination of automated software and human expertise provides the foundation for financial stability and growth.

turbine logo

Lightweight ERP

Turbine is a lightweight ERP for managing physical inventories. We help you handle multichannel procurement, inventory, supply chain, and accounting from one simple hub.

loop logo

Shopify Subscription App

Loop offers a subscription management platform that helps increase subscription revenue and decrease cancellation rates.  With gamification and engaging techniques, Loop enhances the subscription experience for customers and improves subscription-based operations.

tydo logo


Tydo connects all your data sources (the tools and channels you love) in one spot to create a single source of insight—making it easier to see where to focus your retention efforts.

Service Providers

modern brands logo

Design and Development Studio

Modern Brands is a product-driven brand studio that helps brands design, develop, and produce world-class products – working in both soft lines and hard lines. Modern Brands helps founders shore up the internal parts of building a great product, so they can focus on what they do well: build, connect, and sell to their audience.

Content Collaborators

pipe 17 logo and ebook Ride the Wave the Ultimate Guide to Success on Tik Tok Shop

Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to TikTok Shop

MFD was pleased to collaborate with Pipe17 on this first-of-its-kind guide to mastering TikTok’s ecommerce marketplace: TikTok Shop. From launching your shop to transforming viral videos and live shopping events into revenue, we cover it all. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover:

  • Ride the Wave on TikTok Shop! – Learn how to set up your shop for success.
  • Run a Live Sales Event – Engage with your audience in real-time and sell directly.
  • Source Smartly & Scale Swiftly – Keep up with demand and grow your brand.

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