Fueling Outdoor Adventures with Zac Curhan of TRUWILD | re:COGs Podcast Episode #36

Unleashing Nature’s Energy for Outdoor Enthusiasts 

Join re:COGs host Mike Gelb as he takes a walk on the wild side in this invigorating conversation with Zac Curhan, Co-Founder of TRUWILD. In this episode, Zac offers insights into key operational challenges like demand variability, supply reliability, inventory management, and expansion into retail distribution as he shares the fascinating journey of building TRUWILD, a brand dedicated to crafting naturally healthy snack bars for those who embrace the great outdoors.

Answering the Call of the Wild…

Zac’s venture with TRUWILD began with an ‘aha’ moment during a hiking trip. The realization struck that existing energy supplements were unhealthy or unsuitable for outdoor activities. This sparked the creation of a consumer-centric product designed to provide long-lasting energy for activities like hiking.  Zac emphasizes the distinction between the needs of a gym-goer and an outdoor enthusiast. While gym supplements offer quick bursts of energy, outdoor activities demand sustained endurance. TRUWILD’s goal was clear – to harness natural sources of caffeine like yerba mate, green tea, and coffee beans for lasting energy.

Blazing a Trail from Trial to Taste

TRUWILD’s maiden product, Motion, took shape through a process of trial, error, sampling, and feedback. With Zac’s partner bringing over a decade of manufacturing experience to the table, formulation, and ingredient sourcing were key. The result? A product aligned with their vision and values. Navigating the Amazon landscape was a learning curve for TRUWILD. Initial traction came from friends and family buying and reviewing the product. With optimization efforts, the sales soared, leading to a sellout within the first nine months.

Going Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

Driven by consumer feedback and personal needs, TRUWILD expanded its product range. The first five products reflected Zac and his partner’s daily preferences, followed by a strategic alignment with market trends and customer feedback.  Penetrating the retail market involved persistent efforts. Zac started with local gyms and boutiques, gradually contacting retailers via email and calls. Despite rejections, TRUWILD products found their way onto shelves, marking a significant milestone.

TRUWILD remains dedicated to exploring new opportunities and knocking on doors. With a focus on consumer-centric products and a commitment to providing healthier energy supplements for outdoor enthusiasts, the future looks promising for TRUWILD.

TUNE IN to this nuts and bolts discussion which is a must-listen for outdoor enthusiasts and CPG founders alike, offering profound insights into building an active lifestyle brand.

Listen In:

Mike and Zac Discuss:

  • Founding TRUWILD based on a lack of healthy energy products for outdoor enthusiasts
  • The differences between supplements targeted for the gym vs. outdoor activities
  • Leveraging experience in manufacturing and ingredients to develop products
  • Importance of customer feedback and sampling during the development process
  • Launching on Amazon before expanding to DTC ecommerce site
  • Getting into retail through cold outreach and relationship-building foot traffic
  • Operational challenges of retail and unpredictable demand
  • Inventory management struggles with forecasting and supply delays

ABOUT TRUWILD:  TRUWILD is a trailblazer in the world of 100% natural supplements, born out of a need for a supplement brand dedicated to outdoor adventurers. The company was founded to serve those who seek adventure beyond the gym – hikers, climbers, runners, swimmers, cyclists, and all who are bound to the wild. TRUWILD’s mission is to provide supplements that deliver lasting results without false promises, elevate performance, and never sacrifice taste. The brand was created by individuals whose backgrounds, passions, and purpose equipped them to meet the needs of this unique community. TRUWILD is more than just a supplement brand; it’s a solution for those who demand more from their outdoor adventures.  truwild.com

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