Custom Cable Assembly and Wiring Harness Manufacturing

Specializing in a Wide Range of Custom Cable Assemblies for The Most Demanding OEMs in the Electronics and Military Sectors

Advanced Cable and Wire Assemblies Include Over-molding, RF Cables and Custom DesignApplication-Specific GeometriesRuggedized Designs for Harsh EnvironmentsEmbedded ElectronicsAll Configurations and LengthsMilitary Cable AssembliesCommercial & Military Fiber Optic Assembles Fully Compliant with Military SpecificationsMedical Cable AssembliesFiber Optic AssembliesFiber Channel Assembly and TestingComplex Wiring HarnessesPanel Assembles & PCBs as Part of the HarnessPotting Equipment for 2-Part Epoxy UnitsHypot, VSWR, Insertion Loss, Capacitance & ConnectivityROHS-Compliant & Leaded Component/soldering Capability

We understand the need for speed in the quoting process. Our experienced team can provide fast, reliable, accurate quotes in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors.

Simple Cables Assemblies to Complex Wire Harnesses

We have the capabilities to optimize a wide range of wire harnesses and over-molded cable assemblies
  • High quality, quick-turn production: fast, efficient, competitive
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Highly experienced engineering to handle even the most complex assemblies
  • Fast quote turn-around time
  • Very competitive pricing
  • AS9100 compliant
  • Technicians certified to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards

Superior Service and Unrivaled Expertise

Manufactured is the ultimate source for specialized custom cable assemblies, complex wire harnesses, and over-molded cable assemblies, built to the highest caliber standards in North America. Our team streamlines and de-risks the manufacturing process thanks to its more than 45 years of manufacturing expertise. Our facilities are AS9100 compliant and our technicians are certified to the IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards, equipped with cutting-edge assembly tools for US OEMs who rely on expertise, efficiency, quality, and top-notch customer service.
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We Work With A Wide Range of Cable and Wire Types Including:

  • Coaxial cables· Interconnect cables
  • High-density flat ribbon cables
    • 1mm and 25 Mil Pitch Center Spacing
    • Advanced Insulation Materials (FEP, TPE, etc.)
    • Round and Flat cables
  • Over-molded cables
  • Military-spec cables
  • Medical-spec cables
  • Fiber optic cables (LC, SC, ST, MT-RJ, FC, FDDI)
  • Molded electronic modules
  • Discrete wire harness
    • High labor content (Layout / Build / Test)
    • Shielded Options for EMOI / RFI Protection
    • Electro-Mechanical Assembly
  • Custom cables including custom molds (built to the customer’s specification)
Manufactured delivers what you need the most

Quality Products – Delivered Fast – at Competitive Cost


Industries We Support

We Empower Electronic Excellence for Leading Industries Requiring Custom Solutions.
  • Defense

    Government & Military Electronics

  • Medical

    Medical Devices, Analytical Equipment, Med-Tech

  • Lighting

    Drivers, Cable Assemblies, LED Modules

  • Aerospace

    From drones to spacecraft

  • Office Technologies

    Servers, Computer Automation

  • Telecommunications

    Cellular, Satellite, Fiber Optic

  • Transportation

    From Mass Transit to Self-Driving Cars

  • Energy

    Solar, Wind, Geothermal

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