Box Builds and System Integration

Specializing in Complex Box Build Services

System Integration and Box Build Types Include Fully Integrated Electro-MechanicalAssemblies Printed Circuit Board AssemblyCustom fabricated Metal Enclosures / ChassesCustom Cable AssembliesCustom Transformers, Coils, and Power Supplies

We understand the need for speed in the quoting process. Our experienced team can provide fast, reliable, accurate quotes in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors.

From Simple Enclosures to Fully Assembled Complex System

We have the capabilities, skills and experience to provide precision box build services for clients in the most technically-advanced industries.
  • Fully assembled chasses and systems
  • Assembly expertise
  • Just-in-time responsive systems
  • Quality-driven assembly
  • Fully tested
  • High quality, quick-turn production: fast, efficient, competitive
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Highly experienced engineering to handle even the most complex assemblies
  • Fast quote turn-around time
  • Very competitive pricing
  • ISO9000 certified, and ITAR registered

Superior Service and Unrivaled Expertise

Manufactured is the ultimate source for specialized system integration and box builds assembled to the highest caliber standards in North America. Our team streamlines and de-risks the manufacturing process thanks to its more than 45 years of manufacturing expertise. Our facilities are ISO9000 and ITAR registered, with a highly skilled manufacturing workforce and cutting-edge assembly tools for US OEMs who rely on expertise, efficiency, quality, and top-notch customer service.
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Industries We Support

We Empower Electronic Excellence for Leading Industries Requiring Custom Solutions.
  • Defense

    Government & Military Electronics

  • Medical

    Medical Devices, Analytical Equipment, Med-Tech

  • Lighting

    Drivers, Cable Assemblies, LED Modules

  • Aerospace

    From drones to spacecraft

  • Office Technologies

    Servers, Computer Automation

  • Telecommunications

    Cellular, Satellite, Fiber Optic

  • Transportation

    From Mass Transit to Self Driving Cars

  • Energy

    Solar, Wind, Geothermal

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