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Manufactured is a venture backed inventory platform. We are building the first inventory exchange for SMBs creating, making, and selling physical products around the world. We serve customers doing $1M - $100M in annual revenues in Fashion, Accessories, Healthcare, Construction Materials, CPG, Food, Electronics, Home Goods, Industrials, and Commodities.
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About Manufactured

We are a post-Product Market Fit, Series A startup that is growing 600% Year on Year. There is tremendous opportunity in our 35 person team to take ownership, make an impact, and build an extremely rewarding, accomplished career.

Working at Manufactured:

We’re a remote first company, based in Los Angeles. Our team is around thirty people, and growing quickly.

Manufactured is a small, fast growing startup. Which means we deal with ambiguity and require a sense of ownership from all our team members. This is reflected in our core values.

Our core values are:

  • Urgency
  • Authenticity
  • Contextual Ownership
  • Effectiveness
  • Critical Path Thinking
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Always act like an owner, seek help in case of delays beyond 48 hours, move quickly when you have enough information, know when to dive in if there’s a crisis, and hold true to the best possible timelines without compromising on quality, value or process.

Contextual Ownership

Our business is as much about people and relationships as it is about technology and process. We take time to build relationships and understand the needs of our internal and external partners.


Be Authentic, be real, be respectful both, in front of and behind a person’s back. If you are frustrated, you’re frustrated. If you’re stuck, you’re stuck. If you’re worried, you’re worried. Let's support each other in resolving these issues.

Critical Path Thinking

What is the shortest risk-mitigated route to the Best Potential Outcome?


Did it work? Did it solve the problem? Was it a short term hack? or a long term process solution that benefits everyone? Was it something we can use to grow / move forward or was it a defensive solution.

Some of Our Perks and Benefits

We Empower Employee Satisfaction Through Our Commitment to Work/Life Balance
  • Medical Insurance

    Full Coverage Options

  • Dental Insurance

    Full Coverage Options

  • Vision Insurance

    Full Coverage Options

  • Life Insurance

    Full Coverage Options

  • Equity & 401k

    Equity & 401k Match

  • Remote Work

    Distributed Teams with
    Remote & Hybrid Opportunities

  • Paid Vacation + Unlimited PTO

    Discretionary Flex Time
    and Personal Time Off

  • Upward Mobility

    Career Advancement Opportunities

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At Manufactured, you will be trusted and challenged to do your best work in a fast moving, high performing environment. If this sounds like you, please apply!