Brand Marketing for Product Start-Ups

As a typical start-up your cash flow is slow, your costs are high, and your profit margins are slim. On top of this, advertising is the most expensive and least cost-effective when your business is in its earliest stages.

Advertising takes time to fully optimize into becoming a recurring stream of profitable prospects. To run an advertising campaign long enough to optimize it into profitability, you also need to spend a significant amount of money to get to the point of profitability.

So, how can you scale your brand through advertising as a start-up without going broke? Here are two innovative start-ups that are helping solve this real issue.

Assembled Brands

Assembled Brands provides funding and data backed strategies to jumpstart your growth. They mostly fund advertising while providing data points for you to utilize to optimize your current advertising campaigns.

A big differentiator for Assembled Brands compared to traditional loans is they do not charge an interest. They charge a flat rate percentage of the loan that you will need to pay back. 

To pay back your loan, they take a negotiated percentage of your sales until your loan is paid back in full. This really minimizes your risk in taking out this loan. They are only betting on your business being successful and will not be able to go after your house or personal assets to recover their costs.

They also really become a partner to your business instead of just a source for funding. By providing insights into your current advertising based on their experience and previous clients, they are able to jumpstart your advertising into profitability without the cost of running a poorly optimized initial campaign.


Clearbanc is very similar to Assembled Brands, but do not work as closely with the businesses to improve their advertising. This allows them to provide lower cost loans than Assembled Brands.

Just like Assembled Brands, they provide funding to grow your business. You can use their funding to pay for advertising, inventory, or any other costs that directly relate to growing your business.

To qualify you for your loan, Clearbanc does not look at your credit history or take equity from your business, they simply look at the performance of your business to determine whether their funding will help you grow. If their funding helps you grow they make their money back from a small fee that is taken from future revenue in the same way Assembled Brands recoups their costs.

Another differentiating factor between Clearbanc and Assembled Brands is they only work with eCommerce and consumer SaaS businesses. They have extensive experience working with these specific niches and can help these businesses the most.

So, Which is Right for You?

Clearbanc is going to be the best option if you are an eCommerce or consumer SaaS business that already has profitable advertising. They are able to give low cost funding that won’t take away from your business and won’t risk your personal assets if you can’t pay it back.

Assembled Brands is really great for businesses that are looking to jump start and grow through their advertising. They will provide you the resources you need to start off with a profitable, sustainable advertising campaign.

Both options are low risk funding, so you won’t need to put up your house or drown in credit card debt just to get your business running smoothly.

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