Create a New Product from Scratch

Manufactured has helped dozens of customers design, source and start new products — including jewelry, clothing, bags, accessories, electronics, footwear, and more.

Startup costs are low — $299-$899 per month. And cost of operation is scalable — 1-10% of your order value.

Your production is guaranteed for quality. The deposit is refunded if the goods are not delivered within 6 months of order placement.

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Launch an Additional Product Line for Your Business

Corporations find it hard to launch new initiatives, but creating niche products can be extremely profitable

Manufactured helped a large east-cost distributor of medical products build, launch and scale a new PPE division that generates hundreds-of-millions of revenue annually in less than 6 months

Manufactured’s low set up costs and efficiently variable costs of operations allow companies to place strategic bets without building entire teams in-house.

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Differentiate Your Product — Stop Drop Shipping

Customers value brand trust  — differentiating your product is a must.

Dropshipping is a fast way to start an e-commerce business. It is also the least differentiated and controllable way.

A hair braid company used Manufactured’s product sourcing platform to move away from an off-the-shelf dropshipping product they had little control over. Instead, we created a uniquely-designed, premium packaged experience.

Sales grew 400% in 8 months.

If you’re a drop-shipper looking to elevate your product, reach out to us.

Add or Change Vendors for your Product

75% of Companies see Supply Chain Disruptions due to COVID-19 — de-risking your vendor base is imperitive.

Manufactured’s sourcing network has helped a fast-growing lifestyle brand add an entirely new supply chain during and after COVID-19 to lower costs by 27%, and save over 6 weeks production time at 3x the production volume

Add capacity, change vendors, improve systems and build price, delivery, and tariff efficiencies with Manufactured.

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