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They use the code to become a paying customer and you’ll be notified about your reward

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There are Two Options for Affiliate Rewards

The referred customer must be a new user for referral reward to apply

Co-Managed Affiliate

of the Client Gross Merchandise Value (ongoing) to Manufactured*

You’re an agency or individual who wants to offer a manufacturing solution to your customers.

You manage the brand and projects on the Manufactured App and actively account-manage the client.

Manufactured handles the invoicing, samples, submissions and payments / cashflow.

You handle onboarding, approvals, coordination

*valid as long as Affiliate co-manages customer

Hands-Off Affiliates

of the Client Gross Merchandise Value in Year 1*

You are an agency or individual who wants to only refer your contact to Manufactured and then step out of the picture.

Our product sourcing platform handles the client, the onboarding, invoicing, samples, submissions, approvals, coordination and payments / cashflow.

*Up to $20,000 per customer

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