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Create a New Product from Scratch

From concept to delivery, Manufactured assists with design, sourcing, prototypes, production and quality control.

You’ll have access to a curated expert sourcing network that finds the best product costs with the lowest minimums.

We’re an end-to-end solution for any new business.

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Add or Change Vendors for your Product

With Manufactured, you’ll have access to our network of 500+ trusted vendors globally. You can receive counter-quotes for your products and de-risk or upgrade your supply chain

You’ll save on on costs and tariffs and improve product quality and delivery times. You can also request financing solutions through our partners.

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Add New Products to Your Business Scalably

Whether your business is large or small, Manufactured will help you efficiently add entirely new lines of products to increase your revenue.

Manufactured can design your systems, write the operating manual, set up compliance and quality checks, find sources and effectively manage finance.

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